Spacing Magazine

Urban dwelling is such a fascinating enigma. Though complaining about traffic congestion and the high cost of living often becomes the dedicated pass-time of most citizens, few would ever leave. Why? Because living in the city is the best.

To put it plainly, municipals governments do a pretty shitty job of engaging citizens in the decisions that are being made in their cities. Whether intentional or not, Spacing Magazine is trying to change that. The quarterly Canadian magazine reports on every aspect of city living: from relevant urban issues, public space, city planning, signage, heritage buildings… the list goes on. Admittedly, some of these topics sound utterly dry. But Spacing has a unique ability to make these topics accessible and actionable without the slightest hint of pretension.

Since picking up my first issue of Spacing, I have become far more involved in the local urbanist scene. Through the Spacing and Facebook communities, I have met tons of wonderful people who are trying to make city life more accessible for those who reside within it. As citizens, we should have a say in the processes of our city. It’s not just about petitioning to save a historic building… it’s about celebrating urban street art or collaborating on fun community initiatives. It’s about making urban signage effective and aesthetically beautiful. It’s about having safe bike lanes and parks to spend time in. It’s about building a city we are proud to live in.

If you are a citizen of any large Canadian city, I’d highly recommend checking out Spacing. In Toronto, individual issues can be purchased from the Spacing Store. Alternatively, you can order online. Show your city some love.

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